Monday, February 4, 2008

Theological Trick Questions 1-4

Sunday, February 3

1) Do you believe in the Bible?
2) Do you believe that the Bible is literally true?
3) Have you been born again?
4) Was Jesus omnipotent?

Check out the reflective answers over at CRI and post your thoughts in the comments.
(BTW, it is perfectly good to least two Collegium members disagree with many of the reflective answers...hopefully they'll post some thoughts in the comments:-)).

Recommended reference: Summary of Christian Doctrine, by Louis Berkhof
$9 at

NOTE: We've started a 21-day Faithfulness Experiment
  1. Answer Wesley's questions every day.
  2. Check in with Sanctify once a week.
  3. Be brutally honest with yourself and God.
  4. Be filtered-honest with the group (why? because in a group setting some things should be shared in general rather than in detail)