Saturday, August 23, 2008

REVEAL--session 6: Evaluating and heading out

  • Which segment[1] does each Sanctify! activity[2] reach?
  • How does Sanctify! function in TFB?
  • How should Sanctify! function in TFB?
  • Which segments should Sanctify! prioritize?
  • Of the twelve additional discoveries, which two should Sanctify! prioritize?
  • What's next?
Additional questions
  • How can Sanctify! help TFBers express gratitude to and dependence upon God?
  • How can Sanctify! help TFBers value and practice the spiritual disciplines?
  • How can Sanctify! help TFBers prioritize spiritual growth?

[1] Segments: exploring Christianity, growing in Christ, close to Christ, and Christ-centered
[2] Sanctify activities: monthly meal, weekly Sunday lunch, weekly Tuesday dinner, Tuesday Night Bible Study, Collegium, Academy, Worship Experience, and Movie Nights

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