Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bible Chewing and Beyond

Prep reading: Bible Chewing and Beyond (3 posts)

  • October 12: Bible Chewing: what to do with the Bible once you have read it. Ideas to remember:
  1. The paragraph/stanza is the smallest unit of thought.
  2. Always start with the context when you are reading or searching for answers. Move out from there.
  3. Scripture means what it meant to the original readers.
  4. The youngest book of the Bible, probably Revelation, was written around AD 95, in Koine Greek, in the Middle East/Mediterranean. The cultural/historical distance between us and the original writers/readers is vast and requires that we work to cross that distance.
  5. The point of Bible study is not to know as many details as possible. The point is knowing God. Do not become lost in the details.
  • October 19: Bible Rumination and Digestion: getting the Bible into your heart
  • October 26: Putting It All Together: Lectio Divina as a framework for Bible Engagement
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