Sunday, November 11, 2007

What criteria should be used to evaluate the TFB budget?

Proverbs 1:7
Proverbs 9:10

"fear of the LORD"
  1. "deep seated reverence and awe in recognition of the holiness of God, his utter otherness" (p14)
  2. "loyalty to God's covenant and serving him and walking in his ways" (p15)

Source: Kenneth T. Aiken, Proverbs, WJK (C) 1986


Sanctify! said...

Several ideas were presented by Sanctify members and patio lay-persons, including assessing whether what is allocated gets used, ensuring that line-items help fulfill the great commission, and making the overspending process easier and less bureaucratic for valid use.

It was eventually concluded that the entire budget should be run through TFB's mission statement and values. This is realized by asking a series of four questions for any budget item:

How does this help people become fully devoted followers of Christ?
How does this facilitate connection with God?
How does this facilitate community with fellow believers?
How does this facilitate creativity in worship and ministry?

In addition to these key questions, it makes sense to follow logic. Available tools (Excel, accounting methods, statistical tracking) and congregational members with savvy using such tools should be utilized.

Laura said...

In the town hall last night, there were a number of times I wished the committees were directed to compose a short narrative, providing the thinking/reasoning behind their decisions. The narrative could contain answers to the four questions as well as rationale for increases, decreases, etc. This would have made the discussion fruitful and focused (though, compared to some years, it was actually quite good).