Monday, May 19, 2008

LOOKING LIKE CHRISTIANS--in the world, not of it

What would it look like to be one, in the world, not of the world, yet for the world?

Yesterday in Collegium, this question arose from our reading of John 17. The answer, seeming to be nothing more than a dream (but, is it?), was a picture of a large house, full of Christian brothers and sisters, living as one in a neighborhood, distinctly different from that neighborhood, yet distinctly part of and serving that neighborhood. During our discussion, we realized how this might sound, how it might be perceived by those inside and outside the church. Such perceptions are of concern, but should they deter the dream?

Now a further question for thought: What do we do in the meantime, between now and the dream? We are, right now, partners with God in his mission to the world. What are we to do now?

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