Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hebrews 1 - Jesus is better

Hebrews 1-2 listening and thinking begins.

Kent places this chapter in the doctrinal discussion, specifically
1:1-4 Christ is superior to prophets
1:5-2:18 Christ is superior to angels


Laura said...

Finished a preliminary syntactical display. Now it's time for meditation.

Laura said...

Noticed in 1:1-2
- God is in the business of self-revelation.
- The phrase "in these last days" needs further investigation.
- The Son is put forth as the beginning (Creator) and the end (Heir).
These two verses summarized a critical paradigm shift for Judaism: from prophets to the Son and from texts to a Person.

Laura said...

Two phrases from the beginning of 1:3 caught me: "radiance of glory" and "exact imprint of his nature."

While I have an idea of what these mean, I don't know--deeply know--what they mean in a know-feel-do sort of way. The first movement in remedying this is study and the second movement is savoring. The first movement requires skill and attention. The second movement requires time and submission.

And so, it begins.